Know Whether You Are Fit For Fire Department Training Classes

Seeing them ride on the back of trucks or climb tall ladders, becoming a fire fighter one day make the dream of many children. Some grow up and the desire fades as they develop new dreams. For a few however, the wish to serve humanity still persists regardless of age or profession. If you are that kind of person and you feel it is time to go for it, the first step is registering for fire department training classes to start your course.

Every year, scores of people apply to be considered for the limited training slots in these institutions. Organisers are forced to wade through the numerous requests and pick only the best-suited candidates. The love for this kind of training emanates not only from the fact that professionals are well paid, but also because it instils self-reliance and toughness on individuals.

Prospective applicants are required to possess high school diploma. However, institutions prefer to recruit those with at least two years college education. Currently, the bar has also been raised because now more than ever, university graduates are applying as well. People with certificates or degrees in disaster management and medical fields definitely get an upper hand since such skills are highly crucial in this part.

It is natural that coordinators will prefer people with initial training in disaster management or medical courses. Once selected, the candidates still have to go through further elimination tests. Physical fitness for instance is crucial for such tasks. The recruits will therefore have to prove their resilience through activities such as bearing heavy sacks filled with sand while running around the stadium, climbing very tall ladders at high speed, racing up and down tall buildings and others.

Strength is not the only requirement. Mental abilities are important as well. The candidate will therefore be subjected to aptitude tests. One has to be aware of the world around them hence may be asked to write a general essay. Other real time questions like what a person would do in case of an outbreak, will also feature in this test.

Questions might also be posed to a candidate on how they would behave in case of a fire outbreak under different situations. The readiness of one to take in instructions and to get along with colleagues also scores on this part. During the fourteen weeks of training, the students are literally drilled. The best way of learning something is by doing it and therefore trainees have to be exposed to real time fires and taught how to handle them.

Institutions usually acquire abandoned buildings or create their own and seek permit to burn them. Here, cooperation comes in handy, as hoses have to be operated by more than one person. Simulated buildings are however becoming more preferred by institutes. These are considered much safer and easier to operate. Fires can be started or stopped easily since they are controlled by computers.

When one completes training, he or she may decide to take fire fighting as a full time profession or become a volunteer. The former will require further training and application for licence. Volunteers on the other hand can pursue other professions and only be called upon for assistance during emergencies.

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