Learning More About Dovo Scissors

Dovo scissors are manufactured by the oldest scissor and blade producing company in Germany. They have been in business for over one hundred years and began by making straight razors for men and barber shops. Carl Dorp and Arthur Voos were the original operating partners and created the company name by joining the first two letters of their last names. In 1938 the city of Wald, in an effort to protect the name of Solingen and build esteem and unity for the area passed a law banning the use of the name by other companies.

The original product of their company was straight razors. With the arrival of electric razors it became obvious that a new approach was needed for the business. After going to salons personally and studying the needs of stylists in several towns, Fritz Bracht designed a style of scissor that had a curved blade for hair cutters. The Eureka model of scissor blade regenerated the life of the company after the war.

The market opened up in 1951 for the purchase of scissors. The company now produces over 1200 pairs per day. Up to eighty percent of their business is exported to other countries. Their customer list features over one hundred countries worldwide that they ship to. Only about twenty percent of their product is sold in Germany.

In 1952 they began acquiring other companies that produced similar items. Of the eight factories they purchased, only two were involved with the production of scissor oriented items. The focus of one was on personal nail care for individuals and salons and the other was producing a scissor that operated on the level of a pocket knife.

They currently offer over seventy five different styles and types of scissor for purchase. You can buy these items locally or go to the internet and order them from the online catalogue that is available. Some styles of their product include items specifically for hair cutting, manicure or pedicure uses, kitchen needs and speciality items for sewing and hobbies.

Each type of scissor has several different variations to choose from. The style and size of the handles or the length and honing angle of each scissor blade are examples of this. Some offer serrated blades designed with a slight curve for hair cutting. The curve and serration cause the hair to stay in place when the blades close to give a smooth even cut.

Should you experience dulling of a tool or it gets broken somehow you can contact the manufacturer’s help line for information regarding their repair and sharpening services. The care labels that come with these items when you purchase them will tell you to keep them clean and dry. You should also know that even stainless steel will rust and erode if not cared for. Rubbing them down with oil for storage is recommended.

Whether you plan to use the Dovo scissors for your employment, a hobby or as general household objects the quality of the item cannot be beat. When properly cared for they are said to hold their edge for years. This is a good thing to know since the focus of the main company has shifted once more back to straight razors and shaving equipment.

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