Maintaining Timber Decks

As a construction material, wood doesn’t go out of style. Its timeless sophistication gives homes or any building warmth. In Singapore, it is a popular and versatile material for flooring decks. Wooden decks boast more than aesthetic quality, although some people doubt their resilience when exposed to weather. They are in fact good decking materials because, if duly protected, they can withstand temperature and moisture and can last for years with extra maintenance and care.

Decks need to be duly maintained, especially that they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic and weather elements. Because of the country’s hot climate, a timber deck in Singapore is likely to be under hot temperature a lot of times. Its colour and lustre are likely to diminish fast because it is constantly exposed to heat and sunlight. There are sealing products that are especially made for timber decks and other outdoor wood structures, though. Search for products that have ultraviolet defense so the decks can withstand direct sunlight.

Clean the timber deck often to get rid of dust and grime, which can nick the surface of the floor. Use dry cleaning tools, such as a broom with soft bristles, and avoid hard scrubbing to protect the finish. If it has been exposed to rainfall recently, dry it with a mop as soon as possible. Apply wax frequently to reinforce the coating and preserve the floor’s polish.

Like all other materials, wood also have wear and tear problems. The good thing about wooden floors is that they sustain wear for a longer time than most resources. Nevertheless, if it acquires minor marks, it needs to be recoated with sealant. Apply a fresh layer of finish on the floor after thorough cleaning and light sanding to revive the shine of the wood. For deep abrasions, however, it already needs to be refinished. Refinishing involves extensive sanding to remove the old coat and expose the bare wood before the new application of finish.

Wood as decking material not just can enhance the aesthetic quality of a property, it can also boost its worth. However, quality wood is not as cheap as other resources. That’s why there are people who use artificial and composite wood, which are not as durable. Fortunately, quality wood is still a choice for those with tight budget since there are timber decking singapore providers with reasonably priced wood resources and decking building packages.

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