Make A Custom Kydex Holster To Your Specifications Today

a very thick sheet of plastic cut down to size by using a circular saw, band saw, and a router. Other options to cutting are to bend, break form, or using a laser. A hot stamp and perforation punch can also be used to give a personal touch or added look to a custom kydex holster. Adhesives and solvents are avoided in bonding the plastic. Instead, an ultrasonic spot weld and mechanical fasteners are used to bond the hard plastic.

A Protective Holster is for concealing a lethal weapon. This protective armor casing is specifically made for a gun, a single or double magazine holder. The thick material can also be made into a knife sheath. The thick plastic protects the piece as well as the individual from wear and tear.

Optional holsters can be for dip cans and cell phones. Most conceal a dip can to hid a habit. Others like to protect an expensive piece of technology. The protective covering is least likely to allow moisture in.

The tight fit of the product within its case is the key. The concept is to eliminate loss or avoid breakage. A tight fit does not have a gap to allow wiggle room for the it to break free. A consumer can assist with the exact measurements of the casing by mailing the piece in prior to the creation of a mold.

As with options, many colors and designs are available. One needs to realize the color on the outside if visible to others while the color on the inside is not. The colors on the outside and the inside can be either the same or different. Some colors are solid and others are multicolored or camouflage. Some will choose a simple color while others will chose a different color for inside, outside, and edging. The choice is up to the creator which makes each holster a unique.

The custom-made holster is also made for any given location. Locations can either be on the belt, chest, or pant leg. In addition, some have preference of carrying inside or outside of the pant. In some instances the purchaser does not wear belts so other locations are taken into considerations. When choosing an alternative location the holster should not be too bulky if the goal is to conceal.

Accessories can either change the look or design. When an enhancer creates a design change it needs to be taken into consideration prior to making custom-order. The colors will not effect the design but extra eyelets and fasteners will change the design. Other additions that change the design and size are the thumb break, sweat guard, and lights on a gun.

Directional use also something to take into consideration. The owner needs to consider if he or she is left or right handed. Another option to consider is an ambidextrous custom kydex holster.

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