Martial Arts, MMA and Jiu Jitsu in Seattle

Seattle’s health-obsessed population has made the city of Seattle a well-liked destination for martial artists. The city of Seattle has a sizeable East Asian demographic, making martial arts from particularly popular in the Seattle area.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

While Japanese styles of self-defense skills remain popular in the city, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Seattle is a long-established custom. Seattle’s oldest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo is run by Marcelo Alonso, a top instructor from Rio who also has a black belt in Judo. Proponents of Jiu Jitsu in Seattle may also decide to cross-train in other fighting skills; a wide skill set and a variety of experience can make Jiu Jitsu fans competion for MMA in Seattle.


Karate fans can find lots of schools and styles in Seattle. The city’s enormous population of Japanese immigrants has made sure the sport remains popular in the Seattle area. Karate practitioners will probably pay their dojo or instructor for classes; while uniforms and equipment for this sport are not expensive, the tuition fees may add up in the long run. Women that are interested in fighting skills sports in Seattle should be taking classes at the Feminist Karate Union. This branch of the International Karate Federation is concentrated on enfranchising ladies and kids.


This fast martial art is descended from traditional Japanese blade fighting systems. Players don traditional uniforms and protective armor that is often made with leather, hardened plastic and layered fabric. The shinai, a flexible bamboo sword employed in matches, is mostly 38 to 39 inches long. While the initial investment in uniforms and armor is high, kendo practitioners pay a relatively low quarterly price because of a local federation. The greater Seattle Area hosts several tournaments throughout the year. Players also have the choice of travelling throughout country to compete in matches.

Jeet Kune Do

Whichever art they practice, advocates of martial arts sports in Seattle are pleased with their city’s most famed martial artist. Bruce Lee’s signature kind of Jeet Kune Do remains well-liked in the city. This fast-paced, full-body style combines physical achievements with psychological concentration. Prospective practitioners should make sure that the dojo they choose is supported by the World Jeet Kune Do Federation.

Mixed Martial Arts

Self defence practitioners who need to test their abilities against a good spread of opponents are fortunate. MMA in Seattle has a big following, with proponents of dozens of selfdefense skills testing their styles both privately and publically. Seattle is home to Ivan Salaverry, an Ultimate Fighting Champion and owner of a premier Mixed Martial Arts gym. Fans who want to watch MMA live can attend competitions, cage fights and ring matches in the Seattle area.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Traditionalists can learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi from one of Seattle’s Shaolin temples. While these selfdefense skills are not as focused on pinning an adversary to the ground, they teach mindfulness and deliberate movement. Shaolin Kung Fu was developed by Chinese priests to protect their Buddhist temples from outside attack. Modern practitioners can use the style’s accent on calmness and total focus as an escape from the hectic demands of present-day existence.

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