Mentor Financial Group The Secrets Behind The Scenes Peek

This mentor financial group scam is a response of a number of interviews that I did with Peter Conti from Annapolis, Maryland who is one of the managers of Mentor Financial Group. The second partner is Jerry Norton who lives in Michigan.

Mentor Financial Group is a property market committing and schooling company that was initially centered in Lakewood, CO. Their web site still displays the postal address in Colorado but in other places the street address is listed in the about us section

Just what Mentor Financial Group conducts is to offer real-estate schooling packages that tell you just how to earn money undertaking fix and flip transactions and also how to undertake real estate property back flips. They express that within this market you’re best creating money at present as opposed to purchasing a piece of real estate property and letting it out. The rationale, according to Peter Conti and Jerry Norton is that none of us really knows if and when property rates are intending to go up; and if perhaps they will, none of us knows if it’ll keep going.

Peter Conti Review and Jerry Norton look to be willing to supply quite a little bit of advice on their webinars and also at the Flip Guys podcast they will do on iTunes. Right after hearing just three or four of their Flip Guys podcasts I’ve a much better knowing of how to flip property even when I’ve never even bought my personal house prior to it.

mentor financial group complaints tells that their goal is to break the confusing realm of property investing down in to simple comprehensive suggestions and that’s what I’ve noticed in Peter & Jerry’s podcasts. The alternative factor is that someway they make hearing real estate property tips seem pleasure by making antics and discussing their real world stories.

One amongst the stuffs that I value regarding Mentor Financial Group and Peter & Jerry is usually that they’re just ready to discuss both their triumphs and the times when things didn’t work out perfectly. Both of them have many comical legends about fixing up older buildings where things start deteriorating. Jerry told a tale regarding a house that was set for sale when for some reason the furnace leaked out gas and the total house burnt off down to the soil.

Another thing I learned concerning Peter Conti and Jerry Norton is the fact that both of them originated from pretty humble beginnings. Peter was any auto technician who never joined college. Jerry labored in construction digging some kind of ditches or something like that. Both of them seem fairly passionate about sharing what they realize and motivating other folks to step out and succeed at property investing like they have.

As I find out more or acquire more time to compose I will reveal more. Hence, that is my personal review of Mentor Financial Group so far.

mentor financial group has transformed traditional real estate is brought and transacted for years to come and this goes in your in your direction for new opportunities to their domain for more info Mentor Financial Group Review