Methods For Recruiting Workers When Starting A Catering Business

You must be very careful about the kind of people you want to hire for your business since the people you hire can make or break your business. Though it may not appear so to many people, Catering business is a very specialized field and the people working there should possess certain qualities. Anyone can strap an apron and cook food but there is lot more to the catering business than meets the eye.

In addition to having the knowledge of cooking, the people you employ should have good manners and etiquette to properly handle earlier customers as well as impress and attract new ones. So you must follow certain guidelines to differentiate and hire candidates that will be perfectly suited for your business from those that don’t really care..

There is nothing wrong with you hiring someone who has no experience in the food industry but you do not want to hire them if you are new into the business. The first few weeks of your business are going to be the most crucial since this alone will determine whether you will make it or not and so this is not a time to train a complete novice the basic methods and etiquettes of the catering business. You would definitely need the able assistance of a well experienced staff members to ensure that nothing goes wrong in those first days and help you to tide over in case something goes wrong.

Do not accept every word that you come across in the resume of you new employees since it is a very well known but unfortunate fact that people tend to lie in their resume to impress their prospective employers to get the job and for a variety of other reasons as well. So do not take every fact to be true and do not skip over any factual detail how so ever unimportant it may seem since then you will be making a huge mistake. In case the applicant has mentioned previous places of employment it would be wise to do some verification from the previous employer.

So while you are hiring new staff, ask intelligent questions during the interview to learn more about the person. Ask them about the value of team work and whether they play any sport and important a role team work played in winning or losing.

You can also assess their marketing skills by asking them to sell some items. Check out if they can think on their feet- ask them for candy buffet ideas in black and red. See if they can come up with a unique answer. Closely observe the body language of the applicants during the interview to find out whether they are smartly dressed and if they have the friendly vibe about them to win the confidence of the customers.

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