Military Adventurism And The Political Arena

There have been fears in other countries about military adventurism. Politics and friction among nations could totally stir the world. There are different reasons why the United Nations disapprove of such acts. Intimidating other nations could lead to wars which would greatly affect economies and lives.

Conflicts and frictions are always around. The nations would want to protect the interests that it has. Citizens of countries also demand that they be kept safe and protected. If anything intrudes the otherwise harmonious ways of a nation, warfare may be necessary.

The September 11, 2001 attack is one of the most remembered attacks. It was considered a terrorist attack but the United States sent troops to Iran. The men are sent to fight and capture the person who is believed to be behind it. This of course, has cost thousands of lives.

There is a notion that the political interests of leaders are the only ones protected. Apparently, soldiers should only be in the war zone when it is necessary. That means war is only staged when there is threat to the sovereignty and safety of people.

A lot of countries realize the complications thus the aim is to maintain good relationships. There are coalitions that these nations build for the best interest of people. Such foreign policy will only force people to fight against each other thus it is discouraged. Combats would not just mean risking lives of soldiers but also of everyone in a country.

The government will have to protect its own interest. There are countries who fight to preserve their sovereignty. Others would want to win back the territories they lost. Still there are those who are just prompted to fight the intimidation others are displaying. A strong military is important in every nation.

Each of the nations must strive for peace. The United Nations discourage military adventurism being the supreme body that promotes good relations among countries. Leaders if nations should build good relations instead of destroying those relationships. This is the only way for countries to be at peace.

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