Minnesota Public Criminal Records

Our modern world has made things more complex. In the past, we felt safe even when walking down dark streets. We never feared for our lives even in the comforts of our own home. All these have changed nowadays, as it becomes more difficult to trust people – especially those you have just met. As a form of precaution, a lot of us try to do some research on a person and even find ways to access his criminal records. Although this was something that was difficult to accomplish in the past, our highly technological world has made the task simpler and easier. The Freedom of Information Act has also made it possible for the general public to obtain vital records. Each state has its own laws, but there is one general rule, though. In the case of Minnesota arrest records, there are two offices you can approach when making such request.

Functioning under the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is responsible for maintaining the state’s criminal records. The agency uses a name-based search in finding an individual’s arrest record. There are some limitations, though. For third party requestors, a consent form is needed before he is granted access to complete records. Otherwise, only a limited copy is given. Requests that have no consent will only result to access to records of convictions (for misdemeanors and felonies) that are less than 15 years old. Only authorized state employers and, of course, the record owner, are allowed access to complete records. In addition, if you want printed copies, you need to prepare $8 for each one. If you want the record mailed to you, be sure that you are ready to pay $15 for every dossier sent.

Another way of obtaining arrest records in Minnesota is by running a background check on a person through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The agency makes use of an automated service that allows you to access criminal records. This is the system used by most landlords and employers. Dossiers available through background check include incarcerations, convictions, and court dispositions of adult and juvenile felony files and some misdemeanor charges. All the records are stored in the database of the Minnesota Criminal History Search Database. After you type in the information of the person you are checking out, you’ll be granted access to his or her record.

Since most state offices are often tied up with heaps of requests every day, there is a possibility that you’ll need to wait for some days or weeks before getting the record you need. If you want a faster alternative, your best option is to go with independent online record providers in obtaining Minnesota arrest records.

One of the benefits of working with an online record provider is that you can access their comprehensive database anytime and anywhere – as long as you have Internet connection. This means that you won’t have to wait for days or weeks before getting what you need. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the arrest record in your hands!

Additionally, you will also save money when deciding to work with online record providers. Instead of paying for every record that you get, you only pay once – and a very minimal amount as yet. This one-time payment will also give you the chance to enjoy unlimited access to as many arrest records you need. That’s one brilliant deal, don’t you think so?

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