Monaco Grand Prix – Why It Is So Highly Rated In The World Of Formula One

For more than 6 decades, Monaco Grand Prix continues to promise another eventful year for Formula 1 racing. Every Formula 1 driver aspires to be declared as the grand champion of Monaco Grand Prix which is considered by millions of F1 fans and drivers as the jewel in the crown.

The Formula 1 Paddock Club

The Formula 1 Paddock Club is the perfect place for F1 fans, actors, pop stars, business owners and the world’s elite who desire to enjoy the Formula 1 hospitality and racing experience. Whether you are attending an F1 racing event in Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Silverstone and any other worldwide venue, the Paddock Club is the best way to enjoy the sophistication and glamour of this amazing experience.

The Monaco Formula 1 Paddock Club promises the ultimate in glamour, luxury and an unforgettable, super way to enjoy watching the most anticipated event in Monaco. In Monaco the race is presided over by Prince Albert, and although it may be the shortest of the circuits, the pure excitement of the two mile lap which goes around the streets of the principality adds an extra ingredient to this already fantastic experience.

1950 Monaco Grand Prix

The first Monaco Grand Prix in 1950 had an incident during the first lap which meant that 10 cars had to be eliminated. The winner in 1950 was Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentinian racing driver with two different nicknames – El Maestro (the Master) or El Chueco (the knock-kneed).

Prince Albert’s Relationship With The Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix is one of the closest and most memorable event to the prince’s life. Even before he had witnessed the live unfolding of event during the race proper, Prince Albert could imagine himself wishing for a moment with his parents to watch the event together as he hears the sounds of the racing cars.

Prince Albert had his first experience as a live spectator of the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix when he was severn years old. It had been a memorable year for him as he had witnessed the warmth, excitement and glamour of this extravagant competition.

Since then, his admiration has continually developed for the Grand Prix drivers who according to him, are possessing high level of X-factor, guts and courage to face real danger on the track. At first, he expected that his excitement for car racing competition would eventually wear off as years go by. But to his surprise, he is one of the most excited spectators when the event is about to hit the town. In fact, he is always looking forward to the event which would illuminate the entire city with excitement, glamour and fun.

Through the years, Prince Albert’s passion for motorsport has never diminished. Monaco Grand Prix is hailed as the largest and most exciting event in the whole of Monaco. Aside from promoting local tourism to the world, the Grand Prix creates a large economic impact to Monaco and continues Monaco’s legacy as a glamourous country.

With so many exclusive and exciting ingredients, it is no wonder that many consider it to be the jewel in the crown of Formula One.

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