Most Popular Good Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics are problems that spark a heated discussion, and provoke a confrontation regarding the subject of interest. With this kind of subject, people have strong yet distinct opinions on the matter, which can result in disputes and arguments. Controversial topics tend to be very polarized, and frequently have supporters which are extremely adamant about which side they support and why.

Good controversial essay topics are widely talked about problems and are of substantial interest to individuals from all walks of life. There are several categories in which you are able to select your topic from. Here are a couple of examples of these categories to help you narrow down what topic will best suit your requirements.

If you are writing your essay about politics or government, then a great suggestion might be the pros and cons of repealing the 22nd amendment to the Constitution. This amendment states that the president of the USA cannot serve for much more than two four-year terms. If you’re supporting the repeal, you could use the argument that in a true democracy it ought to be up to the voter’s to determine if they want somebody to serve more than 8 years in office and that by limiting the number of years they are able to serve is infringing on the proper to vote of the American people. On the other side of the argument, you could say that 8 years in office is plenty of time for 1 person to accomplish their agenda and that 4 much more years in office may result in a dictatorial style of government.

There’s plenty of controversy around the use of standardized testing scores as a requirement for admissions to college. You could ask the question, “Should the use of these scores be abolished?” You could argue that major universities have made the use of test score optional, as these scores do not give an accurate assessment of the student. Another choice is to suggest that schools make the standardized test optional, and focus much more on the extra curricular activities and community service that the student participates in.

Controversial essay topics regarding cloning and stem cell analysis are usually a hot topic, and can provoke a very powerful opinion from individuals on both sides of the matter. So a great topic for an essay might be “Should the government fund research for cloning and stem cell research?” An essay on this subject would most likely be in the pro and con format and provide information about both sides of the argument. In support of the topic, you could say that what scientists are discovering in their analysis can help doctors repair damaged nerves and body parts that they’re helpless to fix at this point in time. On the con side of issues, this kind of analysis is costly, immoral, and eventually leads to gene manipulation of human embryos in order to make a more ideal child.

These are just a few suggestions on where to start your controversial essay topics list. The subject you select will depend on the audience in which you’re writing your essay. Be prepared for any opposition you might obtain from the topic of your essay. Make certain you’ve a powerful argument to back your side of the subject; regardless of what subject you chose to explore. Don’t just say the subject is great or bad; you’ll need to back this up with facts and statistics.

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