United States Prohibition

The Volstead act or Prohibition act took effect in 1920. In several states across America laws were already in place to halt the consumption of alcohol. These laws were in effect ahead of the 18th amendment (Volstead act, Prohibition act) was enacted before congress.

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A Brief History of Irish Whiskey

Queen Elizabeth 1st enjoyed Irish whiskey. It’s said that she had casks of Irish whiskey brought to London and put away in the palace. By the 18 century Ireland had around 2000 stills in operation producing Irish whiskey. Presently there are actually only four distilleries in operations: Cooley, Kilbeggan, New Midleton and Old Bushmills. January 2012 Beam Inc., makers of Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, acquired Cooley Distillery, the last independently Irish owned distillery.

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Purchasing The Greatest Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee drinking in many ways is an art in indeed very much the same manner in which wine tasting can be. For an individual to be able to make an accurate quality assessment of a cup of coffee they must already have enough experience to know their own preferences. Do they prefer a strong, dark cooked flavor or a lightly roasted taste with a hint of cinnamon? Often it’s a better guarantor of a superior experience to either get coffee roasted closer to home, or to roast it yourself.

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