Notable South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodges

Pheasant hunting lodges are usually well appointed hotel like residences. Here you are treated as a guest and given the opportunity to hunt birds on private property that has been groomed to attract large numbers of prey in the fall. Most of the fields have been used to grow corn or wheat during the summer creating ample feed to attract game birds.

Because the Midwest is part of the biggest crop and cattle producing regions in America the land is perfectly suited to attract pheasants and other game birds. The ranches boast that there are thousands of acres surrounding their lodge and most are set up for the guests to hunt in. Staff and proprietors alike work to ensure that the birds will call their fields home.

There are areas that they put a food source to keep the birds in specific zones for the hunters. These are called food plots and the ranch owners keep them supplied with food because the birds will stay close to their food supply. The food plots are placed in strategic spots located in the arena of wild habitat.

The ranches are mostly designed to be working ranches in the spring and summer with crops and cattle. The harvested fields are where you will find the largest population of rooster pheasants. The grains left behind when harvesting takes place supplies them with food and this keeps them on the ranch. To supplement the feeding many ranch owners put out food plots to attract more birds.

When you have finished your hunt for the day you can look forward to an evening of pleasant company with the other guests. The dinner that is served is usually country fare and there will be enough that if you leave the table hungry it is not the cooks fault. While you relax and enjoy dinner the staff will be cleaning your catch and preparing them for transport at the end of your stay.

While staying at the ranches you will be treated to clay pigeon shooting in the mornings to sharpen your aim and speed. They supply dogs to flush and retrieve your quarry after you have successfully brought it down. Some people have stated that they have never seen so many rooster pheasants in one place in their entire lives. Because this is generally private land there is no limit except what the owners set for bird count. That can range from three to twenty birds dependant on where you are staying.

There is one location that is on a Native American reservation and it offers a casino in addition to very good accommodations for the hunters. This lodge has over two hundred thousand acres that are available for the hunt. Obviously you will not be exploring all of them but you can be certain to bag your limit while there.

What the better pheasant hunting lodges offer is a place where you can relax and be comfortable while experiencing the rush of a hunt every day. If you need to plan a corporate outing for your company you can count on these ranchers to have the space and time to accommodate you. Many will cater to the women in your party also. They supply female guides to go along with the group and dogs that are trained to hunt with and for you.

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