On-Site Viscosity Testing For Your Oil Business

In order to determine with any certainty that the oil your company uses and produces is quality, oil companies must conduct a series of oil analysis, including viscosity testing, frequently to ensure contamination has not occurred. The smallest incorporation of water or the presence of hydraulic particles can affect the quality of your oil, thus affecting your possible revenues and client relationships. In order to ensure that your oil consistently meets the industry standards that are necessary for use and distribution a quality oil test kit should be used to ensure the specifications of your oil are maintained.

If you want to measure water, salt, BN and AN, as well as conduct viscosity testing on-site, the ideal ways to do so can be done with econ testing and digital testing. With digital testing you will have a small electronic tool that reads the properties of your oil in less than 2 minutes. Because this digital utensil might be used in a power plant or on a ship it is made easy to carry for your staff to tote. Your samples can be tested for measurements of BN, AN, hydraulic particles, insoluble and water with your on location tool, so you won’t have to wait for sample responses from a formal off-site lab.

For those companies that don’t have available income for mobile testing, Econ (economical) tests can also be utilized to get accurate results from samples. With this entry level test kit you have all that you need in order to conduct salt, water, BN and AN analysis, as well as viscosity testing. These exams are also easy to conduct by non-professionals, so anyone that is trained to use this kit can test your oil quality on a daily or even hourly basis if need be.

There are also multi-parameter test kits that are ideal to examine the oil in your company with more in-depth capabilities from your on-site location. Whether you are performing a lubricant assessment or viscosity testing, these kits come with every tool you will require on-site to perform many tests, and in less than a few minutes time. Professionals also like that the multi-parameter test kits come in easy to tote case that turns into a well-organized workspace while on location.

On-site oil analysis testing is definitely necessary for many companies that are a part of the oil industry, especially if you want to be certain that your oil meets all oil standards. This will ensure that possible issues in its composition can be identified and fixed as soon as possible so that you can get back to business and maintain your global reputation.

Engine works and maintenance is very hard work, although you can get your engine tested and diagnosed so that you can know where to start the process of restoration and maintenance. You can have it all with a little work on viscosity testing. To head deeper into the issue, follow this link.