OOH Advertising And Its Forms

Marketing can be done to consumers who are in transit, at given commercial locations (such as malls), waiting (for example in queues) and to those in public places. OOH advertising is used to do this. It is an acronym for out of home advertising and it is that which reaches the consumer while they are out of home. It is split into four main categories, namely: billboards, transit, street furniture and alternative.

Billboard is one of the forms of out of home media. Over the years, it has grown immensely as a form in the outdoor advertisement category. However, over time digital display billboards have been put up and they are also getting increasingly common. Billboards are still one of the most preferred forms of outside marketing. They are responsible for a large percentage of the out of home market for advertisement. Being this popular, they generate a lot of funds.

Street furniture advertisement is another form of out of home publicity. It is common mostly in urban centers. It is most visible in newspaper stands, bicycle shelters, bus shelters, retail outlets as well as malls. They are placed in close proximity to pedestrians and shoppers to make more visible for eye-view. This form is beneficial to the community since it provides them with amenities such as bus shelters. Also, the building and maintenance of these amenities is not the responsibility of the community but rather that of street furniture companies.

Transit advertising is whereby advertisements are basically put on the move. They are placed on anything which is moving, such as trucks, taxis, buses and even subway marketing. It also includes fixed static advertising at bus and train stations. Airport advertisement, which businesses use to address travelling audiences, is also part of this category. This type of marketing is often accepted by municipalities as it is a source of revenue to city authorities.

Alternative marketing can be found in rest areas, stadiums, lunch trucks, lunch trucks, on gas pumps and other formats that are non-traditional. Alternative advertisements gives business enterprises the chance to communicate with consumers in areas where they least expect.

Put together, street furniture, transit and alternative promotion methods provide a large sum of the total revenue generated by outdoor marketing. Some of these formats even account for more advertisements than traditional billboards. Lunch truck publicity, as another form, gets placed on industrial lunch trucks and they then serve people for break, lunch and for dinner. These trucks offer out of hand materials, billboard styles and samples.

The out of home marketing industry consists of a host of operators based in several parts of the world. All these operators represent all of the four major categories of outdoor publicity. These operators range from large public companies and multinational media corporations to small ones that may be independent or even family-owned businesses.

Given the ease with which they can get the message to consumers from relatively any point outside their home, out home publicity has become the most sought after medium of advertisement by advertisers. Several brands in sectors such as real estate and finance have become reliant on his medium. Its capacity to engage and influence consumers is appealing to them. Additionally, it benefits a lot of other people other than the advertisers.

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