Owning A 72 Hour Emergency Kit Can Save Precious Lives

Nobody can predict when a disaster is going to take place. A crisis usually happens when it is least expected, like an earthquake, a wildfire or flash flood. Owning a 72 hour emergency kit can help the affected person or family survive.

Basically, it is a collection of various supplies that could come in very importantly during a time of trouble. There are moments when the victims have to stay where they are or be on the move to look for a safe place. No matter which of the two instances is involved, having some essentials for survival is crucial as it allows people to stay alive until help is available.

Usually, it takes the relief goods or rescuers to get to the scene of the disaster around three days. Whether the event is natural or man-made, the concerned individuals should make do with the emergency supplies around until help arrives. Without all of these things, it may be extremely difficult to stay nourished, hydrated, warm and alive during a disastrous event.

That is why being prepared for the worst case scenario is of utmost importance. Whether the person is alone or together with the entire family, it’s a must that the supplies needed for survival are readily available when a disaster strikes. The best time to gather everything essential is right now even when there is no indication that something bad is going to happen.

Some people get ready only when the tragedy is about to happen. Chances are all the residents in the community will panic and get their hands on everything they can buy at the grocery stores and pharmacies, leaving others out of supplies. It’s undeniable that being ready is a very wise move anyone can make to be prepared for anything in the future.

Each and every essential should be kept in a backpack or duffel bag that’s waterproof so that none of the contents will get wet in case of rain or flood. To eliminate clutter, it’s a must to include the most essential items only. The entire kit should be easy to carry around. This will come very importantly especially if transferring to a safer place has to be done.

The bag should not be without food. Items to include are those that require no cooking. Some examples include granola bars, dried fruits, crackers and canned goods. Needless to say, clean drinking water should be included. It’s recommended to have purification tablets or filters too in order to ensure that there is something to drink while help is on its way.

It’s very important to include medications and supplies like antiseptics and bandages. Other must-haves are candles, matches that are water-resistant, a pocket knife, whistle, and flashlight together with batteries. The items to be placed inside the duffel bag or knapsack should be based according to the necessities of the person or family.

It’s also possible to purchase a complete 72 hour emergency kit online. When shopping, it’s important to compare the contents of various selections and pick the one most appropriate to have around. Opting for a kit on the market that’s complete and portable can help save lives during a crisis.

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