Perfect Piecing Seam Guide In Use Today

With more and more people becoming fashion conscious in the world today, more fashion and design schools are coming up to accommodate the many people who are interested in fashion. Fashion today changes so fast that those who love fashion and feel that they need to remain relevant in the field have no choice but to either join the schools or employ someone from the schools to keep up with the ever changing trends of designs. A perfect piecing seam guide is necessary for any upcoming designer.

A good designer not only needs to know how to use a sewing machine well but how to use a piecing seam guides too. This is a small plastic ruler with a laser line and has a needle hole scant 1/4 inch. Before knowing the usage of a seam guide well one has to be able to seam well. Seaming is described as the process of joining together two edges of a piece of cloth. Knowing the procedures to follow when using seams guides is mandatory. One should also know how to place it in line with the throat plate and position it under the presser foot.

The guide can then be removed after placing a piece of the sewing edge next on to seam guide and using some tape to hold this sewing edge in place. The edge initially formed can then be used in guiding you as you do the stitching.

The reason why quarter inch scant is advisable is because the thread and fabric takes up much space and if you are not careful you might end up with something smaller than you expected, especially if you are making something with too many seams.

Seams rippers are there to help you in undoing undesired designs in case of a mistake and you need to redo. We have two different types of sewing machines in the market today. There are the manual sewing machines where all the work is done manually using your hands and feet which is very tiring.

The electric sewing machines are the most preferred by most designers because they are fast and so much work can be done in a short period of time as opposed to the manual machines where the designer has to do all work manually, getting tired fast with only a few designs made. The electric machines are only disadvantaged in that one has to have electricity throughout.

Most tailors need to have ideal designs with perfect, neat finishing and to use less material that is, not have much waste of material. Because of that they need to learn how to use a perfect seam guide and adjust to the quarter inch seam faster because it is said that quilters have difficulty in adjusting to the technology.

The people called quilters do the work of sewing together two or more layers of material making it thicker. This is what is called the art of quilting. Quilting can be done by the use of hands, by using a special quilting system or by using a sewing machine. People mostly prefer to use three layers of material for quilting.It is of great help to tailors to use an ideal seaming guide, making work easier for them unlike not using one.

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