PES 2013 Xbox 360 Edition Review

When talking about football game the one name that has caught the attention of the gamer more that any other and grained the top score in online review is The FiFA 13

Pro Evolution Soccer is the underappreciated optional, a series often disregarded as the lower of the 2, but has the PES 2013 Xbox 360 model been capable to chance all that?

This review will look at the game play, Artificial intelligence, design and online mode to compare the 2 games and see whether PES 2013 really is a challenger.

The Game play

This is definitely the right place to begin with because it’s the area that has seen the best changes from the general fluidity of play to the training mode and the much-hyped “Full control” option.

Full control was made with the purpose of giving players just that, full control and flexible of motions for more natural, and individualistic, game play.

Furthermore, Konami has included some extra options that add to the experience and make the soccer game more challenging, such as “Dynamic first touch” and improved manual control on passing and finishing.

The AI

Another improvement of this new PES game title is the developed Artificial intelligence – now known as ProActive AI. Simply this means there is a superior chance that the rest of the team and the goalkeepers will response in the way that you want and so far it seems to be faring better than the Artificial intelligence we are used to.

These new reactions and interactions help improve the realism of the game – a function that now clearly stands out as being the key selling point of this soccer game.

The graphics

Whether design are as crucial as gameplay is a matter of feeling, but there is definitely a desire for more natural look and amazing visuals as each title progresses. Sadly, this is an area where the PES 2013 Xbox 360 edition falls short in comparison to its EA rival.

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