Poets In New Mexico: How They Came To Be

Poetry has always been seriously taken in New Mexico despite the absence of a poet laureate for all this time. A lot of effort has been invested in making poets in New Mexico. The most notable efforts are those by poetry loud; an association of schools, and the Poetry Society of New Mexico. The former organizes poem reciting competitions students. The other one is an organization that is charged with nurturing young talents in the field of poetry.

The poetry society of this region was formed by Alice Briley in the late 60s and has done a good job ever since. This institution is a strong supporter of cultural welfare. It strongly stands by this value. It engages in educational and literary activities, and nothing else out of this bracket. Due to its commitment to being no-partisan, it does not support any religious, political or social view points. Its members are, therefore, banned from participating in political, social and religious campaigns on behalf of the group.

This society has given birth to several poets. These poets include; Joe Shaffer, Jim Applegate, Ann Applegarth, Lynn Baldwin and Jeanette Oestermeyer, among several other established poets. This association has been operational since it was founded in the 60s. In recent days, there has been established a formidable coordination between this group and the Eastern University of this state. The collaboration has fostered the organization of student contests. These contests receive many participants and fans.

The RGV poets are a branch of this society that specializes in nurturing young poets. This group collaborates with the University of Mexico. The group presents lectures and poetic guidance to poets. The knowledge gained from this group of poets is later imparted in students who are admitted into poetry classes by the university. The RGV also gives scholarships to students from needy families.

Poetry loud association organizes competitions for students. The students compete in reciting poems. This is followed by organized national and state prizes. The competitions are held in all the states and not this one alone. Major prizes include $ 200 as personal prizes for the winners, $ 500 renovating their libraries, $100 number twos and $200 renovating their school libraries. All requirements during the entire trip are catered for. National contests have greater prizes for participants. Several good writers have come out of such competitions.

Other earlier poets from this state included Dana Levin, D. H Lawrence; who had moved from Britain and Pat Mora. All these are poets whose works were widely appreciated by people of this state and many others in different parts of the world. They were among the earliest poets from this region.

These poets wrote about several issues as determined by happenings at the time. They addressed the troubles that came with industrialization, love, political revolutions and civilization among others as dictated by happenings at that time. They got a lot of recognition from all over the world.

Their writing styles also varied depending on the literary movements at every point in times. They used symbolism, realism, romanticism and naturalism in their works depending on the movement that was popular at the time. These different literary epochs came with their different styles.

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