Police Records Arizona Available Online

Criminals use different tactics to take advantage of innocent people. But with the availability of Police Records Arizona, civilians can now use public information as a means to protect themselves from criminals. The records are maintained by the Department of Public Safety. The department is also in-charge of providing the records to the public, upon request.

A police record is created even when an arrest is not executed or imprisonment is not necessary. It is a standard operating procedure of law enforcers that need to be done if an individual encounters some trouble with the law. Police records reveal the full name of an offender, the offense committed, and the place where the offense occurred. It also includes details of the physical attributes of the offender such as the height, weight, skin color, and birthmarks, to name a few. It is legal to request for your own police records so you can check for any false information that might exist on your record. If you find any, you can file for a formal request to correct them so your reputation will not suffer further damage. If you are not proven guilty of the crime charged against you, you can request that the records be expunged.

In Arizona, access to the police files of other people is given only to law enforcement personnel and approved employers, even though they are considered as part of the public domain. If it is required for an ongoing case, law enforcement personnel can access the files. If it is for the screening of existing and aspiring workers, employers can access the files.

The Department of Public Safety maintains their own website and from there you can obtain a request form by downloading it. You may also get the form at their office. All required particulars should be provided before giving the form back to the department. A name-based search cannot be done in Arizona. A fingerprint-based search, however, is possible. You can secure a fingerprint card from a local police department. Obtaining the files is free while a fingerprint card has a corresponding fee.

You can also retrieve police documents online. There are websites that have the consent of the government to supply such documents. All you need is a computer and Internet. Such websites are either free of charge or render a corresponding amount as fee. Before you actually avail the services of a certain website, make sure you research first if they have a reputation of supplying reliable information. Prior to starting a search, you should have knowledge of the full name of the owner of the document you want to retrieve. Type the name on the search box of the website you chose and results will be projected on your computer monitor instantly.

Local Police Records are initially filed at a local police department or at a sheriff’s office where a crime was committed. Once it is properly recorded, it is then forwarded to the Department of Public Safety and merged with other crime-related records to form a criminal record.

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