Popular Tourist Destinations In The Municipality Of Sao Paulo

There are several interesting tourist attractions in the City of Sao Paulo. One will not be bored in the slightest degree. Butanta Institute is a park which contains many different species of lizards, poisonous snakes, spiders, and scorpions. The institute even holds courses on applying anti-venom to snakebite victims and it has an extensive library on venomous snakes to peruse. This unique institute is located in the city and it was founded by Dr. Vital Brasil.

The Municipal Theatre is also another interesting place to visit. It was built in the early twentieth century by the architect, Ramos de Azevedo. They restored the theatre in 1991 and now it is improved even more than it was before.

Casa das Rosas is a lovely art gallery hosting several hundred pieces of work such as prints, pictures, and sculptures. It is a good way for local artists to make their work known in the community. Oscar Pereira da Silva and Di Cavalcanti are two such examples of artists who have works at this gallery. The translation for this gallery is the “house of roses.”

In the Morumbi quarter is the Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation. This site features an attractive outdoor garden and some exceptional paintings and artwork from the Imperial era. The home invites visitors to enjoy tea and concerts on weekends and many tourists take advantage of this opportunity.

Sao Paulo also has many outdoor parks that tourists can enjoy. One of the most visited local parks is the Guarapiranga Lake Park. It has many fine restaurants and lots of fun activities for people to enjoy. The park also has a separate children’s park for the young ones to enjoy.

Another popular park is Morumbi Park. In addition to children’s playgrounds and hiking paths, this park has lots of unspoiled forest to explore off trail for those who are adventurous. There are many lakes and trees here which attract birds and butterflies. In January of 2012 a rained out football match here turned into a water park as fans decided to celebrate the rain storm rather than leave.

Parque do Ibirapuera is often compared to New York City’s Central Park. It is one of the largest and most used parks in all of Latin America. In addition to jogging trails and other amenities, the park also hosts a convention center. There are several hotels in the area to host visitors from all parts of the world. Staybridge Suites and Park Inn are a couple of them. This park holds five hundred and forty five acres which offers a lot of space to enjoy the beauty around you and to relax.

Palacio dos Bandeirantes is the home of the governor of Sao Paulo and has many beautiful works of art from the Colonial period. The public is invited to see these valuable pieces of art at certain days and times of the week usually weekends. It contains ninety square meters of luscious gardens and beautiful terrain for one to get lost in. It contains nearly two thousand types of plants. There are many tourist attractions in the city of Sao Paulo.

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