Practical Standards Of Giclee Printing Services

Reproducing fine arts prints in high resolution is made possible with the process of Giclee printing services. The print type is classified in to two types, digital prints and original paintings. Art reproduction is conducted with the use of a large ink jet printer equipment.

The term was coined according to the process of how the fine art is reproduced. The process involves squirting and spraying ink to the canvass. The process was initially applied during the early nineties.

Artists gains more control pertaining to the reproduction of their art work. This will allow them to replicate and adjust the original fine art’s size. It also gives the artist the access to enhance the photo or painting either digitally or manually with the use of various image enhancing software.

The printer will define the quality of print reproduction. Ink jet printers are the preferred equipments for this kind of art press production. High resolution prints does not have any dot pattern as a print results. The exact image being printed is digitally the same with the actual piece of art.

The ink jet printer should use the archival pigmented ink for long shelf life. This type of ink is said to last for more than a hundred years. This means that it is very ideal for archiving purposes. It also resilient to water and UV rays from the sun. This component gives a very high ink quality.

Appropriate canvass should have the standard archival quality. The paper along with the ink used to copy a piece of art should last long so it can be a viable replica for display or collection. The paper material is treated and made with poly cotton. Although this can be quite expensive, this composition adds elasticity and versatility to the paper.

Although giclee printing services makes art reproduction easy, do not forget to consider authenticity rights. Providing a limited edition print out or even a sole reproduction requires legal copyrights. This is indeed the most practical technology for fine arts reproduction.

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