Precisely How You Can Look For A Job Without Your Employer Noticing

If you have a job, you can conveniently cope with problems regarding expenses. There are certain instances however where you just want to leave it because of various reasons which include the discomfort at the workplace, the low-level of work and so on. You will really need to find a new job if this is your case. The main question is how you can apply for another job without your boss noticing. Thus, is there a way to apply to jobs without your boss knowing?

Among those best tips to use to execute this venture are listed on this article. Do not just choose one method as it may have lesser chances as compared to the other methods.

Try applying to jobs that are posted online

You can apply for jobs that are related to your current job position or those of which that simply matches your skills. You can simply look up for those jobs on the job postings over the internet. Refine your search results to those places that are close where you are at or to the area at which you want to establish work. Furthermore, be sure to find out all the necessary info about the job as well as those you can gain such as the rate of salary, health benefits, hours of work, etc. Of course, while doing this you wouldn\’t want your current employer to find out as you\’ll be fired on your job which is not so good to see in your resume later. Therefore, as a safety measure try to apply to those postings or websites that allow you to keep your identity private or those that do not post the names of their applicants online.

Social media networking

One more way of effectively look for a job despite your current job while hiding it from your employer is to aim at posting over LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media websites. Create a post on your profile or send out messages about you looking for a new job. This can prove to be an excellent venture if you have friends over social media websites who are employed over companies that are hiring people of your skills. Again, you still need to keep this a secret to your boss as you are still employed under their company. Luckily, there is a way to set your messages, tweets and posts on private. You can also play around your privacy settings where people from the office cannot view your activities or posts.


If you think that using the online medium is not a good idea to hide your job hunting to your boss then you can simply opt for sending your resume directly to recruiters. Recruiters are pretty much everywhere and you can see them over the pages of the newspaper or over the internet. Simply look for those that are looking for people with your specific set of skills and expertise. You can then immediately hand out your resume to the recruiter as soon as you find that specific job you want. With regards to company recruiters, they only have one thing in mind when choosing the best candidates – the candidate should be experienced. With you still employed over a company, you can also have a better chance of being chosen for the job.

Direct application

Lastly, another way to send your application to other companies while still being employed is to submit your resume personally to companies. The work schedule or hours should always be kept in mind if trying to do this last method. You can do this during lunch breaks or during your rest days.

Indeed hiding this plan from your employer can be really challenging. However with these methods, you\’ll be sure to do it effectively and conveniently.

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