Proper Drainage is Essential

As the recent flooding of Toronto’s busiest subway line has demonstrated yet again, proper drainage and dewatering strategies for construction projects are essential. In the case of Toronto’s woes, Union Station could not handle a flood of water resulting from a torrential downpour in conjunction with a storm sewer problem, possibly related to a nearby construction project. Witnesses reported a strong sewage odor and at least a foot of water on the platform. All of which goes to show that Drainage Solutions and Water Treatment are a key part of modern life.

Construction sites simply have to have planning around how to deal with water issues, particularly flooding. Large amounts of water near a construction project, whether in municipal pipes or trapped in the soil, are a disaster waiting to happen. Half-constructed buildings are liable to suffer expensive damage, and any subsequent collapses can injure the workers, perhaps badly.

When a flood occurs, the water must be pumped away or diverted. There are many pump rental companies that specialize in the necessary equipment. The main factors to look for are speed and expertise, although cost is always a factor as well. The pumps must be deployed rapidly and properly in order to reduce the water levels as fast as possible. The quicker your solution is in place, the less damage you will have to repair.

Naturally, there has to be a water-disposal plan in addition to a water-removal plan. The water will not evaporate on command. If possible, diverting the water into the existing storm drains in an excellent choice – provided that the water has not been contaminated on site. Most pump companies can include water treatment plans along with the pumps, if necessary.

Adequate preparation before any emergency situation is the best approach, naturally. Preventing water from damaging your job site should be a priority, but it is impossible to rule out every danger. Still, when constructing municipal sewage systems or storm runoff conduits, care should be taken, as breaks can cause catastrophes.

Precast concrete pipes are a marvellous help with any storm drainage or sewer handling project. The material can be shaped and stressed off site and arrive in ready-to-use pieces that fit together perfectly. Concrete Culvert Pipe can ensure that any municipal project is properly laid and ready to resist the elements or corrosive sewage.

Chris R. Marx is a freelance writer who focuses on construction materials, landscaping, and similar topics. He has a particular interest in Drainage Solutions and Water Treatment solutions, such as Concrete Culvert Pipe.