Protecting Yourself Against Would-Be Enemies With Your Beauty Items Inside Your Bag

Corrosive chemicals are usually in your handbag right this moment and I don’t mean to say those hand sanitizers or alcohol-based perfumes although they do have some corrosive components. I’m speaking about beauty products many women and some men apply every day. Aside from credit cards and mobile devices, people fill their bags with beauty and personal care products. This means they likewise bring things that double as devices to defend themselves from metal tankers.

Ammonia solutions can be corrosive yet that doesn’t prevent makers from putting it in your hairspray. The good reason your locks remain in one piece even with the comparably delicate structure is definitely that aqueous ammonia found in hairspray is not strong and safe enough for everyday usage. Hairspray can be used as a weapon since you may use it like a flamethrower and burn the attacker. It can also wear away an opponent’s switchblade although as soon as it takes effect, the authorities might’ve reached the crime scene.

Ammonium hydroxide, an alkyl amine precursor, might also be in cosmetic foundation. Those who don’t like hairspray can relax and turn to their own pressed powders as a delaying tactic to run away. The kind with SPF in them is precisely what you need to use. This protects you against two noted enemies: the sun’s rays and some unidentified felon. It offers an extra coating for your skin from the evils of UV rays and you can throw away the entire thing, such as mirror and all, to your so-called attacker. If all goes well, it’s going to burst a nose and scatter into fine powder, thus stalling the offender.

If you are not keen on retouching using foundation and a lot more fascinated with using mascara instead, you may still use that to your advantage. Among the inorganic chemicals present in this particular beauty item is ammonium hydroxide. Once again, it’s present in minimal doses, which makes it relatively acceptable. Popular harmful chemicals for cosmetics should be okay since the volume used is not enough to cause any kind of irreversible damage for as long as you do not slumber with make-up on.

It is alright to use substances there since their toxicity is a valuable feature. I can’t think of a use for mascara being a weapon for defense but a container of sunscreen lotion can be helpful. It could protect you against the sun and although some of the ingredients in it ought to have their own safety data sheet for usage, it is really safe enough to bring around and use every thirty minutes.

The last item which nearly everybody promotes is the anti aging treatments and these as well need an MSDS safety sheet together with all the toxic chemicals in it. Even though anti-aging products temporarily eliminate traces of deep lines and wrinkles on account of the substances in it, the substances themselves bring about another set of problems such as dark spots. It is just a matter of priorities with facial care. All you actually need is a very good moisturizer for protection against future skin problems yet even that has ammonia compounds too.

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