Proven Attraction Marketing Secrets Disclosed

What is attraction marketing and why should you even care?

Here’s the final analysis. Attraction marketing is a technique of gracefully presenting your information, products, services and business opportunity to prospects who are actively looking for and shopping purchasing that info now – versus just pushing advertisements out to absolutely everybody hoping somebody might be interested at the time your adverts appear.

It is the difference between interrupting the bulk of people with an offer they have totally little interest in and coming along side those who have expressed an interest to learn more now. It is the difference between throwing mud on the wall hoping some will stick and taking aim at your target and hitting a bullseye every time .

The Key to Attraction Marketing

You have got a product or service for sale and you’ve got a lot of options available to publicize, promote and market your business. You can run ads both online and offline. You can build an ecommerce store and drive targeted traffic to your website using a range of paid traffic models like Google Pay-Per-Click, mobile marketing, paid index inclusion and even set up an affiliate programme to get other marketing pros to market for you.

All of these direct marketing methods work, but they fall into the class of interruption marketing. Meaning you hope to interrupt and catch the awareness of potential customers as they’re going about the business of doing something else at the time.

Attraction marketing is when you discover how to make your content easily found when people are actively searching for it. Which, if you consider, will immediately cut back your advertising costs and should significantly improve sales. Because it is much easier to win a sale from an individual already in the mood to purchase your kind of product or service than it is to pitch your product or service to anyone that can fog a mirror.

Attraction Marketing is Target Marketing

Say you have just won two tickets to see a film. You are not able to attend and would like to sell these 2 tickets. One way would be to advertise the tickets and sustain an expense that will deeply cut your profit markup. Not to mention the campaign may remain unspotted and the tickets never sell.

An alternative choice is to go to a theater where the film is showing and approach only those people who are waiting in a line to buy tickets to see the flick. They benefit by avoiding the line. You benefit by getting your tickets sold with minimum expense. You could even offer a small discount to make your offer even more enticing.

Online Attraction Marketing

The key to setting up a useful attraction marketing campaign online is to figure out who is your best target market. Then use various research tools like the free Google External Keyword tool to find out exactly how people who are “in line” to buy your product or service are searching for your product or service.

Then meet them where they are. Supply the information they are looking for by publishing this information on your internet site or blog. Then popularize your content to rate high on the search engines, social media sites and video platforms so it can be easily found. Do it properly and you will find attraction marketing an easy and terribly profit-making way to do business.

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