QR Code Ratings Provisional Patent Submitted by QR4 Technologies Inc.

QR4 Technologies Inc. a leading developer of software applications for QR Code Generators, Mobile Websites as well as App Development announced today that it filed a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on June 13, 2012. In such a case, you should check out QR4 Technologies Inc.

US Patent Application 61/658,970 called “Quick Response Code Rating Method and Application” reveals brand new dimensions to protect would-be scanners from viewing age restrictive or undesirable content associated with a QR Code by adding a QR Code Rating on the face of the QR Code. The new capability resulted from QR4 Technologies Inc. market research that confirmed a growing number of concerned clients who have scanned QR Codes and seen content that wasn’t appropriate or perhaps undesired by the customer. Additionally, much more online hackers have discovered methods to lockup mobile devices using malicious files related to QR Codes.

The primary focus is always to provide a Standard for QR4 Code developers as well as customers of the QR4 DDS Application software. This standard allows developers as well as end users to show the “QR Code Rating” directly on the QR4 Code. Whenever a would-be scanner of the code sees the QR Code Rating, they will have a choice of continuing with the scanning method or not to scan the QR Code.

A secondary QR Code Rating precaution has long been created by QR4 research and development teams that will display a “NOTICE” screen for as well as QR4 Code rated “T” and above. This could include “T”, “T+”, “M”, “A” and also “P”. When the NOTICE is displayed, the consumer may have the choice to “turn away” on the content from the QR Code.

QR Code Ratings was developed by current QR4 Technologies Inc. C.E.O., Lee Mansfield. Mr. Mansfield has been in software development for more than Thirty years and has now a unique capability to forecast developments in the market just before they create. He’s an experienced published author and presenter on software application integration, “I can see a need for this application within Movie, Music and Gaming Industry today” claims Mr. Mansfield, and he is confident this will be a simple safety requirement for all QR Codes in the future.

QR Code Ratings – go to this site for additional information relating to this brand-new technology or you can also click here: qr4ratings.com.