Quick Access On New York Arrest Records Available Online

Since the Freedom of Information Act has been in place, NY criminal records have been opened to the public. However, access to this document is limited only to the person involved. This means that, although the document is a public file, only the person whose name is on the file is allowed to request it. Those who need to access it should have a special request before they will be allowed to access the files of others.

New York Criminal records include the arrest files of the state. Arrest records are generated when an individual has committed some crimes or violations to the law. A person can have multiple arrest records from coming from different law enforcing agencies of the state such as the police department, sheriff’s office or the highway patrol. Therefore, arrest records can be requested at the government office that issued the report.

An arrest record would contain information about the arrest of an individual. One would find the case number, date and place of arrest as well as the crimes that the individual has committed that lead to his arrest. The document would also show the personal details of the individual such as the birth details, address of residency and other significant information about the individual. One would know the status of the case and the outcome of the arrest. The charges that were filed against the individual as well as the sentence given to the person are indicated on the record. The document however, is only made public, only after the case has been resolved, otherwise it is kept private only to authorized individuals.

One has to go to the office of the Court Administration in New York in order to obtain a copy of an arrest record in the state. One should know that a nationwide search is not possible. Only a statewide search is allowed and simply means that looking for an arrest record of a person from another state in New York would yield no results.

Retrieval of a criminal and arrest record would mean knowing the basic information of the record being obtained. One has to fill out the search form provided by the state office with the information about the arrest to get a certified copy of the document. A $65 processing fee has to be paid in order to proceed with the retrieval process. Requests can be done personally at the state office or by sending a mail request. However, the results of a mail request will be sent only after a few days.

The Internet allows the retrieval of an arrest record faster since it can be done even without leaving home. One can even search for arrest records for free. There are several websites out there that lets its users have a trial period of at least 7 days. This gives the users enough time to explore the system and then decide if they wish to continue using the service by paying or not.

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