Quilt Hangers For Unique Viewing

Decorating your home with quilt hangers can add instant pizazz and interest to your home or office. They are a fantastic and creative manner of showing off your beautiful handiwork. Family and friends will love to see your craftsmanship on display. Being able to display your work will inspire you to create even more coverlet patterns and colors.

Most quilt hangers are made of wood, some of which have unique designs cut or carved into the hard surface. They are available in many sizes to fit king, queen and full-size quilts. There are also smaller hangers for miniature quilts or baby-sized covers. Custom-made models are available for odd-shaped or sized items.

Most use compression and have knobs across the length to hold the edges of the coverlet down and secure it between front and back wooden boards. Others are a rod style where the coverlet is folded and draped over the rod. A pocket can also be sewn at the top edge of the quilt so the rod can run through it and it can be hung so the entire design can be viewed.

Narrow shelves top some of these hangers. This is an excellent place to display family heirlooms, plates, photos or small pieces of artwork. Others may have a rod that swings out, making it easy to change to different pieces when desired.

There are several optimal locations in a home to display your art. A few suggestions and unique focal points would be above a couch, on a large, blank wall, above a bed, over a staircase or suspended from a very high ceiling. Select an area with little or no sun as you do not want the fabric to fade or weaken.

Hanging your item in a manner such as this will also keep your belongings safe from pets and small children. It is important to place it high enough that they don’t pull it down or stain it. Kitchen areas and other sections of the home where food and other substances can be spattered on it are not advisable.

These models can be utilized for a variety of other purposes. You will be able to hang displays such as Indian blankets, tapestries, weaving, Asian coverlets, Persian rugs, fabric art or banners. Paint or stain your hanger to match the display for even more color and interest.

They make great and thoughtful gifts for the craftsmen among your friends and family. What a wonderful way to display the different patterns and designs they create. Be sure to order the one that is the correct size for their distinct work.

Quilt hangers allow you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work or effectively display an heirloom that has been handed down in your family. They do not require holes to be punched in the edges or damage of any kind. Using these to display your works of art will give you a deep sense of pride and a creatively decorated wall or area for years to come.

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