Re-Marketing Redefined: Smart Lists With Google Analytics Automate Re-Marketing List Management

Google created Smart Lists to automate the creation of re-marketing lists. These lists depend on the anonymous conversion data that is taken from countless websites that implemented Google Analytics and opted to share their data with Google.

These lists are created using artificial intelligence that analyzes information gathered on the user like page depth, referrer, device, and browser. It looks at what the user actually does on the website, and calibrates a re-marketing campaign in AdWords. It figures out which users have a higher probability to convert when he visits the website later. Google updates the model everyday of users who have the most potential in converting. Based on this, the list adds or removes users to make the list a truly powerful marketing tool.

However, if you run a site that gets more than 500 e-commerce transactions monthly, has over 10,000 page views daily, and uses Analytics to manage your e-commerce tracking then Smart List will automatically get customized by following the characteristics that lead to visitors converting on your particular site. This eases the work for marketers as it will speed up the analysis process and gives more focus on growing the business rather than on list management.

Nonetheless, for your analytics results and transactions to matter, it is important that they are imported to AdWords. You can do this by combining your Smart Lists with AdWords’ conversion optimizer using ROAS or CPA.

At the moment Smart Lists on Google Analytics is on a learning curve; however, it is a sure way to automate re-marketing list management for any advertiser or marketer looking to dominate the internet. If you are looking for lasting Smart Lists Analytics Re-marketing List Management solutions, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you achieve new heights in market analysis and re-marketing with Google Analytics. – App Rush Academy is a website dedicated to exposing the advantages & disadvantages with an in-depth App Rush Academy Review.