Recycled Paper: What Are the Benefits?

Recycled Paper: What Are the Benefits?

Switching to recycled paper is one of the easiest ways any business can make an eco-friendly move. If you want to be greener, using less paper is a good start. But recycled paper is a great alternative when you still need to use paper, as it’s often difficult to remove it from offices altogether. It’s the greenest option for any paper communications or documents, using less energy and water and producing fewer carbon emissions. Recycled paper could also reduce costs, helping your office save money.

Keep reading to find out more about recycled paper and how it could benefit you and your business.

Recycled Paper: What Are the Benefits? - paper, envelopes, business-essentials

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How Is Recycled Paper Made?

What exactly is recycled paper and how is it made? Recycled paper is made up of all kinds of paper and cardboard. When these materials are recycled, they’re first separated into different types and grades. The next step is to use water and chemicals to turn the paper into pulp and separate the fibers. Any impurities, such as ink, glue or plastic film can be removed so that all that is left is the paper itself. Sometimes coloring agents might be added after the paper has been cleaned to create the right color.

Pulp and fiber are then sprayed onto a fast-moving mesh. This removes water and begins forming a new sheet of paper. The sheet is pressed to remove more water, then rolled and heated to get the consistency and thickness of the paper correct.

Uses for Recycled Paper

Recycled paper can be used in a huge number of ways. After the finished product has been created, it’s put onto large rolls so that it can be cut up and made into lots of different products. You can buy recycled paper simply as sheets of paper to use in office printers or for various other uses. Or you can purchase other products made from recycled paper, whether it’s notebooks or something like product labels. Businesses can switch to using recycled paper at any time. It’s easy to start ordering recycled paper as your previous paper product starts to run out.

The Benefits of Recycled Paper

Recycled paper offers a number of excellent benefits to both businesses and individuals. It can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve a more eco-friendly outlook.

Recycled paper uses less energy and water in its production process. It also produces a lower carbon footprint, making it much more eco-friendly. When you choose recycled paper, it means that no new trees need to be cut down to make it.

Recycling paper prevents it being sent to landfill, which means less methane gas is released into the environment. Even better, recycled paper can be recycled again. In fact, paper fibers can be recycled four or five times.

On top of all of this, recycled paper is still excellent quality. It’s just as useful as new “virgin” paper but much better for the environment. Switching to recycled paper is simple but makes a big difference.

Recycled Paper: What Are the Benefits? - paper, envelopes, business-essentials
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