Red Hairstyles

Red hair styles equal more work. This should be known by women before they dye their hair. Getting away with looking frizzy, dry and unkempt is easy with blonde and brunette hair. Red hair, on the other hand, always needs to have shine. A glossing treatment must be asked from a stylist when a woman is having the color of her hair done.

While only 2% of the American population have natural red hair, this does not necessarily mean that more women can not enjoy wearing this vibrant, energetic and head turning red hair styles. It is all a simple matter of picking out the perfect shade of auburn, magenta, strawberry blonde or orange red that fits the skin tone.

The brown is already there in the pigments of red hair. This makes coloring or highlighting based on these underlying pigments make red hair styles last longer. Keep in mind that working with the natural pigments of the hair best complements the natural skin tone.

Fair skin will look best with red hair styles consisting of light, golden strawberry blonde to bright copper or red hue. Wine colored and burgundy colors must be avoided. These shades have a tendency of making a woman with fair skin look too pale for comfort.

Nicole Kidman, Karen Elson and Florence Welch are the celebrities to look up to when talking of women with light skin and red hair styles. They simply look marvellous.

Three things to consider regarding red hair styles are the skin tone, the hair condition and the mental state of the woman. The natural hair color has nothing to do with the choice of red as a hair color. A color that emphasizes the features of a woman must always be the basis for the selection.

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