Red River Catfishing Always In Season

Many catfishing books do not talk much about fast water fishing with the exception of trail races. Fast water fishing has a lot of opportunities if it is done in the right way therefore it should be looked into. Red river catfishing has very many opportunities that are all likely to be fun for anglers and are also likely to be successful in catching catfish.

Fast water has many advantages when it comes to fishing. This type of water always has a lot of foods and oxygen constantly flowing therefore many fish are likely to be there. These waters can be a good source for anglers to catch trophy sized cats. The fast water must not be a raging current. It can be any water flowing with a visible current.

There are numerous catfish periods and each one has its own methods of catching catfish. In order to do these techniques the right way, the angler is required to understand how the fish travel and eat in the various periods for their angling be fruitful. After they get this information, the nurturing and catching of fish will be much easier.

One of the periods is referred to as the pre-prawn period and is believed to be good for angling. This is a season in the spring where the flood waters are not lessened yet. In this period, there is fast stream of water. There are also numerous catfish accessible to be trapped. The anglers will be required to know how to work in the currents.

In spring, the rivers open up and allow greater flow of fresh water. This means that there will be more food and oxygen and therefore there will be many catfish on a feeding state. This season, the fish are likely to fatten up making them even easier for the anglers to catch. The most favorable way of catching fish in this period is by taking the boat straight to the fishing spot and making a sharp drop to the bottom of the river.

The spawn period also has fish available but anglers acknowledge that it is harder to catch fish in this season. Using the traditional methods of angling will make their efforts go to waste therefore they are required to look for a spot where the water is funneling down because the water here moves faster.

There is also the post-spawn period that is filled with fish that are big-headed, skinny and long. This is the season where most of the fish are coming out for food after a long time of sitting in their nests. This explains their lack of aggressiveness due to not eating. To catch fish in this season, it is better to find a spot where the current is running deep into a hole.

Another season favorable for catfishing is the summer. In this period the currents are usually low and the water is very clear. The clear water makes it less stressful for the anglers to spot fish and this makes their jobs easier. The red river is therefore always a perfect place to fish in any time of the year.

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