Relief Of Pain: Is Botox the Answer?

Botox treatments for pain control can create a difference in people with certain chronic afflictions. Though not everyone suffering from chronic pain may benefit from Botox treatments, for those that meet certain criteria, this approach might help them live more comfortably.

Those who suffer from lower back pain, facial nerve pains or neck pains are great candidates for Botox treatments. Generally there have even been several studies that use Botox for migraine treatment. Other studies are examining whether Botox may help alleviate pain connected with such conditions as fibromyalgia, diabetic foot pain and some types of cervical pain. Botox cannot be used for muscles that must move, such as legs or arms. A doctor can offer the very best analysis of each individual case as to the exact methods of treatment. Patients who now have neurological diseases, are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t take Botox injections.

The botulinum toxin is injected in to the muscle and tissue from the affected area. The muscle inducing the pain is relaxed. The injection blocks the nerves within the muscles and enables them to completely relax. When the neurotransmitters are blocked, there is no muscle contraction-this means that there isn’t any pain.

The therapy can last for around four months; as the muscles go back to their former state, pain returns. However, patients might have further injections for continued pain treatment. Many studies demonstrate that the returning pain is reduced since the muscles have been conditioned to relax more quickly when stressed.

Most people will experience no side effects, there is however a possibility of allergic reaction for some. Other side effects normally include slight bruising or increased numbness outside the treatment area. Headaches may also be a potential side-effect, although they are fairly rare. Another rare scenario may occur when the doctor does not get the injection precisely where it must go, and nearby muscles are affected that shouldn’t be. The occurrences are incredibly rare.

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