Request for remand without bail

New York – Attorney Preet Bharara has set itself the goal of bringing criminals in pinstripes for the route. And so the largest case of insider trading on Wall Street ends well for the main defendant in jail. A New York court has found the hedge fund billionaire and founder Raj Rajaratnam guilty on all points.

The 53-year-old Rajaratnam remain until the announcement of the sentence on 29 July at large told the court. He would, however, electronically monitor. He faces up to nineteen and a half years’ imprisonment – the maximum sentence for investment fraud.

Rajaratnam, who was born in Sri Lanka, took the verdict without apparent emotion mind. The founder of the hedge fund Galleon Wall Street had given one of the most spectacular scandals: Many former stock market traders, senior managers and lawyers with one another to exchange relevant information exchanged.

On 21 February had pussy Riot with ‘punk-prayer “before the altar of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow begged Our Lady to save Russia from President Vladimir Putin. The artists now face seven years raises jail the charges them hooligans from religious Hass. They would have with their “vulgar” dance around the altar to offend the feelings of the believers want. The defense speaks instead of a political show trial that was being used in the influential Russian Orthodox Church as a means to an end.

46 men and women are under suspicion of having been accomplices, 34 of which are now condemned. Rajaratnam himself denied his guilt to the last. He said he had obtained the information legally. The investigation into the insider trading lasted at least six years. So far, the courts did in complicated financial cases difficult to prove the charge their actions. Case the prosecution put Rajaratnam now a method that they would otherwise use more for organized crime tape recordings.

The young members of the punk band are not the only Putin’s opponents, going against the Russian judiciary. The prominent opposition leader, lawyer and blogger Alexei Nawalny is accused of defrauding three years ago in his position as adviser to the government Kirowles timber operation in Kirov 16 million rubles. Nawalny has not been arrested, but not allowed to leave the country. Should he be convicted, could face ten years in prison. The allegations he dismissed as “absurd” back. Support of the opposition was not only of the human rights organization Moscow Helsinki group, but also by the current governor of Kirov, Nikita Belykh.

The first volume begins with the founding statutes of the entity. They supposedly would include a section 35 which would entitle the executives to share up to 10% of the budget as extraordinary remuneration. More than one million euros between Millet (689,000 euros), Montull (252,000) and the former CEO Rosa Garicano (100,000 euros) to celebrate the centenary of them also Orfeo in 2008.

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