Safeguarding Watercraft: Shrink Wrap a Boat in 3 Easy Steps

Boat shrink wrap is one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to protect watercraft against the elements during the off season. A protective shrink wrap cover offers protection against ultraviolet radiation that could crack or warp upholstery, excessive moisture that could lead to mold or mildew buildup, and it keeps out bugs and other pests as well, ensuring that your boat is ready and waiting when the time comes to set sail.

To perform the boat shrink wrap packaging process, just follow these three easy steps:

Preliminary Function – Make certain to tape more than all fuel vents securely to stop any possible accidents together with your heat gun. In addition, prior to starting the wrap procedure, it is greatest to eliminate or location some sort of padding more than sharp or obtruding objects that might puncture your shrink wrap, like antennae or deck railing.

Shrink Wrapping – Be sure not to drag your shrink wrap film on the ground prior to application, since this can create a static buildup that will attract dirt and dust. Apply your shrink wrap over the open portion of your boat, with plenty of extra wrap left over to drape down the sides. Once the wrap is in place, use your heat gun as you might use a can of spray paint or a hair dryer to “weld” the wrap in place – be sure to start at the bottom and work your way upwards to make the most of your heat. This weld should wrap around the entire circumference of the boat, and once completed, be sure to apply your belly bands immediately to ensure a proper, snug fit.

Spot Check – As soon as you’ve completed the shrinking procedure, appear slowly more than the surface of one’s wrap and make certain you will find no holes or punctures, because this would get rid of any benefit with the wrapping procedure. In the event you discover a hole, use shrink wrap tape to cover it and apply a little much more heat to make sure a correct weld.

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Oliver David contributes articles for the Packaging Spot website and for other publications on industry topics like shrink wrap packaging.