Sash Window Refurbishment Achieving A New Look And Elegant Historical Home Facade

These timeless windows were designed and made by craftsmen who were meticulous in the execution of their trade. They speak of another era when people appreciated beautiful things and therefore made them to last. Now after centuries of working well these historical treasures are showing signs of wear and tear and are in dire need of a sash window refurbishment.

The two sashes that form part of this type of window move past one another on timber runners with the aid of sashes pulleys and counterweights. They were first constructed at a time when pane glass was thick and heavy and windows of this nature difficult to open.

The entire design made it possible for sashes to be opened easily and window cleaning an effortless exercise. With the two sashes moving up and down past one another individual panes are easily reached even on the upper floors. The pulley system allowed for sashes to be opened partially at the top and the bottom to aid air circulation in and out of a room.

Through decades the original wooden frames have weathered and may sometimes not have been given the attention they required. Wood reacts to the elements by swelling and shrinking and this together with normal wear and tear has led to ill fitting frames that are not as snug fitting as they may have originally been. This causes loss of heat from a room as well as allowing draughts into it.

Many new types of accessories and building materials have been developed and manufactured since the first sashes were made and a person can now refurbish and restore frames to their original beauty. It is no longer necessary to contemplate removal and replacement as the restoration process has been considerably upgraded and gives excellent results.

Many problems associated with upkeep of sliding sashes can be fixed on site as replacement of the entire frame is a rare occurrence. By upgrading an existing frame with draught-proofing and double glazing one is already improving the effectiveness of this window style and will save on heating bills. Sashes and pulleys often need replacing but this is a relatively quick and easy task which can be completed with the minimum disruption to the household. When refurbishing a person can also make use of new technology and install security latches.

This concept was invented in the seventeenth century and is still gracing many a home and building and adding a timeless elegant quality to their facades. This method of being able to leave a section of a sash window open at top and bottom allowing cooling breezes in was designed in a time when electricity and air conditioners id not exists. Certain buildings have been declared heritage sites and are under the protection of a Nation Council. No alterations or restoration work can be done on them without their approval.

One no longer has to spend hours trying to decide whether to replace or not when there is now a very good option of sash window refurbishing that is guaranteed and absolutely effective. There is added benefit when refurbishing as a person’s home will not loose any of its frontage historical elegance.

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