Science Fiction Comic Book Authors And Books

Comic books have been popular since the early 1920s. One of the first and most famous of these great writers is A. D. Condo, the author of Mr. Skygack from Mars. A gag group strip found in U. S. Newspapers in the 1930s and early 1940s. The United States along with Japan remain the two largest publishers of science fiction comic books. The UK runs a close second with authors who began developing fantastical themes into various publications in the 1950s.

Some of the most favorable and recognizable science fiction characters were developed in the 1930s and 1940s. These early science fiction comic book authors created Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Brick Bradford and Dan Dare. Superman, while also created early on, later became considered a subset of the genre. Many accolades of the genre suggest this is because the character has now taken on a more realistic aspect, especially in film and television.

In the 1960s, Frederick Wertham decided that books in this genre and others, may have a negative effect on children and young adults. He published a book called “Seduction of the Innocent” to relay this point to parents. Many of which then disallowed continued reading of fantasy and science fiction oriented material.

The industry rebounded with themes aimed directly at children and young adults in the late 1960s. At which time, underground books, music and posters became more popular. Then, another new wave of material found its way into the mainstream which focused on hippies and the free love movement.

Early Japanese comics featuring elements of fantasy and science fiction were published in the 1950s. The earliest publishers of these books known as manga were Astro Boy, by Osamu Tezuka, others have since followed with the genre becoming more present in current culture, mostly in film and television.

Dan Dare was the earliest well known character to come alive in the UK. The Trigan Empire released in the 1960s is often considered the most popular of all the series. It is believed this success is due to the series being included in a book called Look and Learn. The goal of the book being to teach children about art and entertainment.

A number of early authors have become better known since the inception of the internet. Web strips have also become popular since the early 1990s. Some of these include Polymer City Chronicles, believed to be the earliest along with Starship Crisis and others. Older fans of the genre who may have had books taken away during the mid-60s due to the concerns of adult material released too early, greatly appreciate these new online editions.

Many people who had comic books taken away as children and young adults now have the chance to enjoy them once again. Others who have never read older editions can also explore new and old characters and learn how these genres have grown. After which, many may very well become authors and graphic artists.

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