Search On The Web For A Huge Selection Of Stun Guns For Women

My Dad brought me a stun gun barely a month ago but I did not bother carrying it with me. My dad has always reminded me to bring it every time I leave home but this only fell on deaf ears. Although when I realized I had a stalker, I started bringing it.

As personal defense protection, stun guns for women had become popular. My father saw to it that I would get the self-defense gadget I needed.

One of the stun guns for women that I liked was the Hottie Stun Gun that my Dad gave me. It has a very feminine hot pink color and its small size can fit in any purse. I also used it as a flashlight sometimes. Its million-volt power is no joke.

Another one may look exactly like an ordinary cell phone but not functional as one. The Stun Master Cell Phone Stun Gun is a 800K-volt personal defense protection device with safety switch.

One of the stun guns for women that caught my fancy was the Mini Stun Gun that can fit a cigarette pack. It can function as a flashlight as well. Its size must not be taken for granted because its three million volts can surely take any attacker down.

One of my female best friends bought a Talon Stun Gun that she uses for self-defense. Within its 4-inch size is packed with 80K volts of current. However, most of my friends prefer a smaller model, the Z-Force stun gun, because of its easy-grip feature.

It was timely enough having brought my Hottie Stun Gun while alone in a movie house. My stalker suddenly became aggressive inside and I had no other choice but to use it on him.

It was only then that I understood why my father had been insistent about stun guns for women. He wants me to have the best personal defense protection.

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