Seasonal Birthday Presents for Your Boyfriend

It hasn’t been long since my last article outlining various ways you can choose a great birthday gift for your boyfriend. The techniques we’ve discussed are varied – and have been focused on delving into his psychology to understand what to buy him. Today will be different. Let’s look at the season of his birth to find out if the perfect gift may be sitting under your nose.

When looking back over the past few years, you’ll notice a trend emerge. Obviously, the things you want change regularly. That’s a given. You’re growing up. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice a cyclical pattern. That’s seasonality. When was the last time you obsessed over a bathing suit in December? So, without further ado, here are my favorite gifts for each season.

Spring: Believe it or not, New Years isn’t the most popular time for people to get into exercising – it’s Spring. When the snow melts (or, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that doesn’t experience that, when the sun gets stronger), the running shoes come out and the sweating begins. I mean, he’s got to get that beach bod ready for summer, right? Buy him some workout clothes, some at-home equipment, or even a gym membership. You’ll both appreciate it.

Summer: The season of music festivals! From Bonnaroo to Osheaga to Lollapalooza to Burning Man, summer is filled with incredible festivals full of amazing music. If you haven’t been, the experience is something that can’t quite be captured. Take him on a road trip to see some of your favorite bands and make memories that will last forever.

Third, we come to Fall. While I’m staring out the windows, admiring the colorful trees, my boyfriend has his eyes glued to the TV all night. Why? Because Fall is the only time of year when all the major professional sports are on. Get him some gear from his favorite team to kick off the season and he’ll think of you every time they play.

Finally, winter. There’s only one reasonable option (especially if you live in the North like me): take a vacation. If you can afford it, get both of you to a beach as quickly as possible. Snow vacations work for some couples, but they aren’t my thing. A week at the ocean with the sand between your toes is as nice of a gift as anyone could ask for.

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