Selecting Great Looking Dock Lights

A lake property has many opportunities to look great and stand out, you should accent the waterfront with dock lights. This is a great accent type piece that can highlight and give a great look to the lake. Plus, having the extra light helps make moving around at night quite a bit more safe.

These markers and accent pieces can be found everywhere. The first thing you want to do is check your local retail store and see what type you want. If you have no luck there, try looking online at auctions, or through several catalogs.

The first option that was researched was to get an end of channel, or marker. This can help guide the boat to your landing point and mark out where your spot is. This helps light up a boat well, or dock to assist if you have to park a boat in the dark. These actually have solar panels on the end and continually light up at night drawing little to no power from your house.

The next item you can find are LED underwater lamps. These are low power LED lights that can shine very bright. While the LED are used to accent pools and ponds around the house, they can really look exciting glowing under a dock. These lights are made with tiny LED’s, you are drawing very low power so your operation costs are low.

The last item is a solar powered edge marker. These items have bright LED’s that are charged in the daytime with a solar panel built into the marker. The item turns on automatically at night to highlight the edge of a path or walkway by the water. These can be found through a catalog or through online auctions.

Be sure to check at your local stores or through an online catalog or auction for decorating the water with dock lights. These little accent pieces can make your entire waterfront stand out and look great. These will look great, and add a bit of safety lighting around the water helping see things better at night.

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