Show Your Support And Get Behind Boob Art

In order to raise funds and awareness with regard to breast cancer, boob art has become a very popular form of expression. In most countries around the earth there are ongoing campaigns to try and find better ways to fight breast cancer because it’s one of the most common types of cancer that causes death in women. The symbol of the pink ribbon is famous because that is the symbol of breast cancer.

When one considers this type of campaign, one automatically will think about body painting. There are several awareness campaigns for breast cancer which use body painting as a means to raise funds and educate. One such initiative to raise funds and awareness to help treat women with this horrible disease uses women who are survivors of breast cancer as models for their campaign.

One such painting that really was outstanding was a woman who had a phoenix painted on her breasts and abdomen. It was reborn from of the flames, seeming to signify the strength that this women had. She had gone through an ordeal and had risen out of the depths of hell to begin again.

There are many body painting organizations that subscribe to the cause. They will contribute by providing body art at rallies, beauty shows, wellness days and other types of events to raise awareness. Another organization has undertaken to use models that have suffered from this disease and survived.

Other campaigns have been launched that are artistic, but don’t include body painting. One such organization runs an annual campaign at several of the major cities in the United States. In order to raise funds, a fashion show that features the latest designs made up by top class designers is held.

Another organization holds an annual fashion event that uses breast enhancing fashion to remind women that they can be beautiful despite the ravages of this disease. The annual fashion show was introduced so that the creme de la creme of society could contribute to the cause. Women parade down the catwalk in clothing that has been designed by top designers.

Many women have suffered through this disease has had some help from one of the many organizations that are around. Funds are raised to help women that have no other means of paying medical costs to receive the treatment that they need. There is an annual fashion show that is held at various cities in the U. S. That are dedicated towards raising funds for this disease.

Boob art is a wonderful way to highlight the suffering and the pain that women go through. The cause is purely there to educate women on how to look after their bodies and how to check for lumps in their breasts. The money that is raised is used for other women who are going through the same experience and helps with medical costs. Everyone can get involved in helping to campaign and build awareness, even if they just wear the pink ribbon.

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