Significance Of Digital Printing That Is Eco Friendly

In comparison to traditional screen-printing methods, use of digital printing technology is friendlier to the environment. We are able to print exact amount of inks or dyes that we require to print directly on a fabric. This is achieved by directing the settings of the printer. We are able to use every drop the way we want from the coverage that we need. It is therefore relevant t apply a digital printing that is Eco friendly. It will save us both water and environment.

There is digitization in textile printing and this can be easily seen by looking at the number of fabrics brought to the market each year. There is cooperation between end-product manufactures and consumer who keep developing fabrics. Fabrics are substrates that are made up of natural as well as synthetic fibers, which are formed by; coating, knitting or weaving. Fabrics are environmentally friendly when compared to other rigid substrates.

Using fabric also has other benefits. For instance, when used as a substrate on display reduces the general weight of the graphic. This reduces the amount of money spent on shipping, as well as improving the ease of handling. Fabric will also enhance the appearance of a finished graphic as well as increasing its re-usability.

Digital textile printing has led to advancement of inks. Varieties of dyes as well as pigments are introduced into the market. There is ongoing research and development on this which keeps improving the level of technology. This is mainly through encouraging the involvement of customers.

Screen printing processes are not the best since they encourage use of dyes that need you to apply steam for fixation. You will also wash the excess dye and dry them later. You will waste dye materials in return and also use energy in steaming. You can use pigmented inks that are mainly based on water. They also use dry process so you do not need to use energy for steaming.

Sepiax is an ink designed to offer a green alternative. This came about by listening to customers who want inks that are environmentally friendly. Sepiax is basically a pigment which comprises of seventy percent water. Many people want to print on fabrics with inks which are not Eco-solvent or solvent. This way, one does not have issues with agencies that advocate on Eco friendly products. At the same time, the image gotten is still beautiful and desirable.

Some inkjets printers do have wide formats and usually print directly. They are on a high demand since they open up new business opportunities. This enables us to print both a small piece of fabric as well as a large one. Even mass production firms are able to save their costs when dealing with short-run as well as custom jobs. Emergence of new machines enables us to produce product at an enhanced rate. We need this so as to meet the high demand.

Lastly, we need to support those product that use materials that are friendly to the environment. The advancements that we discover must be designed with keen observation of our Eco system. The government should also come up with relevant regulations.

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