Silver Is Still Golden For Investors

Every person who is invested in silver is waiting for the cost to climb again, wondering why it’s taking so long, and anticipating that it will quickly rise anyway. There are lots of factors for this delay in the rate rising again, and this short article will review some of the issues associated with it and provide the most effective suggestions on exactly what to do with your investments.

All of the deep, deep spiritual, economic and market fundamentals have been aligned for some time to ensure that, over the long term, silver will prove to be one of the best investments – along with gold instruments – that a wise investor ever could make.

There are the changeless physical and monetary regulations of the spiritual world which bear witness to the truth that silver and gold are God’s Wealth, figured out by the Almighty Himself to provide the best value as a currency after humankind’s fiat-money systems falls apart at the seams, as it has been in the process of doing for some time now.

And there are some inevitable real-world truths, too. Cash printing by the Fed, has actually gone out of control, so devaluation and financial crisis of the American and worldwide debt-money systems is inevitable–and currently the situation is in the process of developing into a calamity.

In addition, at this certain point in the financial cycle, with some fragile hope arising occasionally in the USA, the need for silver as an industrial commodity has actually been climbing, while the supply side has dwindled. Such a discrepancy could only hang in the air for so long before the laws of supply and demand begin to kick in to fix it.

It’s been a long time since the Coinage Act of 1792 established silver and gold coins as the only official currency of the American realm and prescribed the death penalty for actions such as debasing of those currencies by officers of the mint. Many would argue that the subsequent introduction of paper currencies, such as what we know now as the dollar “greenback,” comprised exactly such debasement. It’s certainly had a debasing effect over the decades.

So what’s going on with silver prices nowadays? We, like other precious-metals experts, suspect that market manipulation is at play. And also, despite efforts by Real Money USA and other investment advisors, silver as an investment and financial hedge still is vastly underappreciated by the majority of the American people.

And exactly what are we to do? Hang on to the silver you have, for certain. And, in fact, benefit from the low prices by gradually acquiring more. Pray for guidance. And ask us for assistance.

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