Solutions Allowing Many Travelers To Fly Clear

I have never been a person who has ever enjoyed trying to get on a plane. I don’t know what it is, but usually I always get nervous when I get on a plane because I am afraid that disaster is going to lurk around the corner. This is very likely just in my head, but whenever I hear about the problems regarding airline security on the news, it only confirms my problems I have about boarding a plane. When it comes to the idea of “fly clear” it is a term not in my vocabulary.

Recent security department breaches at the airport have made headlines over the last several weeks. First, a murder suspect in Utah snuck into a little airport by going up a razor-wired fence and hi-jacked an empty 50-seat plane Thankfully the plane crashed in a parking lot before it ever got off the surface. Then, at Newark International Airport a traveler set off the security alert at the airport delaying travelers for a few hours, before it was reported that the passenger was not holding anything that could be seen as a serious risk.

It causes questions to me, how can trained professionals manage to not keep a proper eye to what they are supposed to be doing? Not to mention that the airports have spent tens of millions of dollars with the intent to improve their security services, only to have them easily broken into. It just gives a black eye to the entire industry when all the money that they have spent to protect passengers has resulted into nothing.

It is my want that individuals and security can manage to keep close attention on the widening threats occurring at our airports. However, I don’t believe that passengers should be gripped in fear of having to be on another plane flight. I would have more comfort in going on plane rides if I knew that my protection was being dealt in the right way. Fortunately, there are some security programs that are being offered that are enabling many travelers the prospects to fly clear.

I feel that if more features and ideas are brought to the table, it will serve as a great improvement to ensure the safety of all who travel on planes. While we all wish that the difficulties in the world would not hurt our flights, it is something that we know in reality will not disappear. However, it does not mean we should all be concerned to have the bravery to step foot on a plane. You should keep an eye for any dilemmas that happen before you board your flight, but understand you are going on a plane for these reasons, to enjoy your trip and chill. That is something anyone wants being high above in the air.

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