Some Christian Arguments Against Evolution

Christians believe that God created the universe whilst evolutionists believe that purely natural forces have driven the evolutionary process. They believe that life is a result of random events in the cosmos causing chemical processes that created life. They believe too, that all forms of life on earth are related, from the simplest to the most complex forms. Christian arguments against evolution are varied, some being more valid than others. There are scientists who support both sides of the argument.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, all natural systems degenerate when left to themselves. This is a firmly established laws in science: that complex, orderly systems tend to become simpler and more disorderly with time. This law totally contradicts the premise of evolutionists that a system becomes more complex and orderly when left to its own devices.

The randomness of the process that evolutionists espouse is a problem for Christians. There are scientists too who concede that intelligent design seems to be the most satisfactory way to explain the complexities of life in all its forms. Christians also argue that the idea of systems evolving bit by bit does not make sense. The reproductive system, for example, would need to be complete and fully functioning in order for reproduction to occur.

Evolutionists use fossil remains as the primary evidence that humans developed from primates. Christians argue that subjectivity influences the interpretation of the significance of various fossils and even the determination of how old they are. They argue that the chain from simple to more complex is not unbroken and gaps exist that cannot be adequately explained.

Evolutionists believe that mutations or changes in genetic makeup create the new genes necessary for progress. They argue for natural selection whereby those most adapted to their circumstances survive. Christians argue that mutation does not create new genetic material. In fact many negative things such as diseases are a result of genetic mutation.

The complexity of human DNA is used by many Christians as an argument. They say it is impossible to believe that its construction is not the work of an intelligent Creator. A number of scientists believe it to be unlikely or highly improbable for life to have arisen spontaneously from matter. They acknowledge that the only satisfactory explanation is intelligent design.

Dr. Michael Denton, a microbiologist who conducted research into amino acid make-up in the same cells of different species, gave Christians fuel for their arguments. He stated that his results did not support traditional evolutionary theory. His views were not accepted by evolutionists who regarded them as flawed in many respects.

Christians have many convincing truths to support their belief that God created the universe. This is what they read in the Bible and it forms the basis of their faith. Despite the fact that many scientists support evolutionary theories, there are those who regard it as more than likely that there is some form of intelligent design.

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