Teenage Interest In Facebook By Long Island Marketing

When it comes to any site that has such a tremendous rise, it is fair to assume that there will be more than a few dips to consider as well. Sometimes they are ones that the site in question will not be able to help while others may be instances in which work can be done. My focus, as of now, is set on Facebook. It seems as though younger people are starting to lose interest in the site and I think that those in Long Island marketing can cite reasons for this.

An article on CNNMoney spoke about the matter and I did not think about the subject deeply until Facebook actually admitted to it. In fact, the report said that David Ebersman – Facebook financial chief officer – said that teenage use of Facebook had diminished during the quarter. While usage of said site has remained stable, I think that this is an important point to consider, seeing as how just about everyone on the Internet has an account, which those in Long Island marketing can claim. Why is it that this group of people has seemingly cast Facebook aside?

Parents have seemingly brought this site into their everyday lives as well, which is something that has brought about a number of responses. It’s not hard to see why, since Facebook started off as just a college experiment that would be able to benefit Harvard students as well as those in certain Boston areas. As we all know, though, today is far more inclusive, to say the very least. Since teenagers have to worry about their parents seeing their Facebook walls, it’s clear that they desire more private platforms by comparison.

What about the presence of newer websites that seems to be much more visual by comparison? Facebook, while popular to a great extent, is not quite as graphically inclined as other sites that those in Long Island marketing can point out, Instagram being one of the strongest examples. What about the micro-blogging platform known as Tumblr? Regardless of what the case may be, it is vital that firms along the lines of fishbat have been able to recognize varying levels of popularity as far as teen usage went.

Facebook is not in any danger of fading away, especially when you consider the popularity of the site that is seen. It has remained quite steady and I do not think that there is another platform that has been able to gain nearly as much attention from all groups. That being said, there has been a clear decrease in usage by teenagers as well as other young people, seeing as how they found interest in other pages. To me, this may be able to create competition that can ultimately help everyone.

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