The 7 Best Science Fiction Books

Humans are yet to quit reading. For centuries, they are yet to substitute it. The best subject undoubtedly is science. With a large pool to choose from, a good book can be hard to find. The following set are the best science fiction books one can read.

The best in town is Ringworld by Larry Niven. He analyses the sociology between humans and the puppeteers who descend on earth involuntary. Helped by humans, they set off back to their planet but tag along a few humans who get the shock of their lifetime. This book reveals possibilities in science like remaining youthful by using a fluid and the immunity puppeteers had against matter.

The Demolished Man is a captivating piece which will leave your imagining what if the prepositions in it were a reality. The state where the mind is able to pick up the intentions of the person next to you. The peepers as they are referred to in the book shape the society and how people behave. This led to a 70 year drought of calculated death cases. This switched the levels of crime to more sophisticated levels as you could not lie to a police officer.

Gateway by Frederik Pohl was done in 2010. It analyses the extent to which humans in the future will be willing to go to make ends meet. The fact that life is a gift, only makes sense if you have the gift itself. In other terms, being rich is actually living. So, humans stumble upon interstellar ships left behind by Heechee. They hop on not knowing where these ships will take them. Though these ships are programmed on where to take them, many still go. Few come back rich while others perish.

Done by John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar, houses two characters. House and Hogan. Hogan is in the forefront of a conglomerate that is poised to take over a country in Africa. The company he leads is called general technics and also deals with genetic engineering products. Hogan on other hand is his spy and takes a geek personality to conceal his true intention. In the end he dies but after successfully getting the solution to genetic engineering.

Timescape, a proud piece by Gregory Benford is an award winning book. This book involves the idea of teleporting to the future and making the necessary measures to correct a current mistake from causing a calamity in future. Gregory in this book involves drama and science to high level that will keep you going and going. A group of scientists from 1998 and 1962 are all that stood at the center of the future of the human race.

The Tiger! Tiger! New rendition or version as Stars is my Destination, done by Alfred Beester is a piece that can challenge the current mechanism put in place to handle vagabonds. The main villain in this book has the ability to teleport from one locality to another without being apprehended. This make it hard to make an arrest and in turn the man can easily get away with everything.

Lastly Snowcrash, this analyses how the internet can crumple down a whole nation. A good hacker can possibly hack his way to riches and in turn govern the society. The US is portrayed in ways you could not imagine. Till a pizza guy, a pro-hacker who is out to revenge, comes up with the Snowcrash virus which changes the game. The Neal Stephenson, piece will give you a hint on how the internet could in future fictionally turn into a nasty place to be.

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