The Advantage Of Ihss Fingerprinting

It has been common for people under special care to be robbed of their money by their caregivers. Some fraudsters have even presented themselves for payment having made fake documents for themselves to make them appear like caregivers. Ihss fingerprinting has come up in county governments in the US to help curb this trend. It ensures rigorous screening of caregivers before they are paid.

This program requires all new caregivers or those who acquire new clients to complete a form for formal enrollment into the program. They are also required to go through a criminal check, and be oriented before they can qualify for payment by the county governments. The purpose of this regulation is to reduce fraud in this sector. Once every service provider has been checked and cleared of criminal activities, needy people are ensured of their safety, and fraudsters will have been kept at bay. Individuals who genuinely qualify to be paid will be paid.

The government of California announced its commitment towards fighting fraud in in-housing service provision by implementing this program to the later. All providers of this service were supposed to have their fingerprints taken. They were also expected to fully register with the in-house services department in their county government before 31/December/ 2010. It was openly declared that anyone who would defy this order would not work as a recognized caregiver. No salary would be given to them.

The major services given to needy persons are bowel care, laundry, accompaniment to health centers, supervision, protection and preparation of meals among many services. This program is primarily meant for reaching out to needy people. It ensures that the old and other needy people are comfortable.

The first thing a caregiver must do, is completing the IHSS enrollment form and personally taking it back to his/her county in-house service department. In case a person has already gone through this step, the county government will always assist in the remaining stages of registration. After this step, one needs to get his fingerprints printed, and be taken through a check for criminal background by the department of justice. Instructions on the manner of fingerprinting are always given to a person upon returning a signed and completed registration form.

Many companies have registered themselves with county governments to provide these services. They have come up with varying fees for registration. Many of them charge around fifty dollars. This is inclusive of all necessary registration services. More information about specific county governments can be obtained from the internet. Individual county IHSS departments have different policies, all of which can be obtained from their websites.

It is, therefore, important for every service provider to register with the In-house Service department. This is for their own good and the welfare of their clients. It is for their safety in the sense that, registering with this department will ensure that they dully get paid at the end of the month while not registering will lead to their disqualification. The recipient of the services will benefit by having trustworthy individuals taking care of them.

This initiative was a good move by the government. It has brought a lot of sanity in the field of care provision. Recipients always receive good services from fully registered individuals.

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