The Advantages Of Living Green Wall Systems

As cities have grown, so both noise and air pollution has increased and greenery has disappeared. This has caused many problems and living green wall systems offer one of the solutions to these problem. A system like this is used to beautify sterile surroundings but it does far more than just enhance a space aesthetically. Many buildings from skyscrapers to hotels and office blocks are reaping the benefits of having them installed.

These vertical gardens are unlike any other in that the plants are not rooted in the ground. Instead they are rooted inside a structure which is either attached to a wall or freestanding. Some of them are contained in pots in separate trays or boxes. Others are planted in panels and the roots are allowed to grow freely, forming a strong matrix.

These kinds of gardens are at the cutting edge of innovation. The plants are not rooted in the ground and many times soil is not used at all. Plants are able to thrive just about anywhere as long as the roots are receiving nutrients and moisture. Automatic irrigation provides this and porous, lightweight materials are often used instead of soil, making the whole structure light. A great variety of plants from perennials to ground cover are used, enabling the creation of amazing displays of color and texture.

A wall like this acts as a natural air filter. It removes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. In an office space this can really help to protect the health of employees and increase productivity. The working conditions are enhanced as they breathe in the clean air and stress is reduced by the calming effect of the abundant foliage.

Whether a vertical garden is installed inside or outside a building, it can help to reduce energy costs. In summer, an exterior structure can cool down surfaces and result in a cooler interior. In winter, the system traps air in an insulating layer and prevents heat from escaping and cold air from entering.

Noise pollution is a big factor in urban environments. A vertical garden can make a difference as plants absorb, reflect and refract sounds. Inside an office, the vegetation helps with high frequency sounds and the supporting structure muffles low frequency noise. An exterior system helps with sound insulation against all the noises of the city like traffic sounds.

Environmental concerns are uppermost in many minds today. Companies are all trying to reduce their carbon footprint and such systems are one way to do this. It offers not only energy savings but many other environmental benefits too. Reduction of pollution, saving of water as well as bring bird and insect life back into the cities are just some of these benefits.

When the many benefits of vertical gardens are considered, from their aesthetic value to the way they improve the environment and help make cities more sustainable, there is no question that they will be popular for years to come. Designing and installing them does require expertise in planning, creativity in design and knowledge of plants. The initial expenses of such a project, however, are far outweighed by its long term benefits.

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